Credit Repair is a service offered by Tarpa Corp Ltd to assist individuals and businesses towards having a better credit score. This service can put individuals in a better standing to receive loans from any financial institution in Jamaica, as well as any one of our own loan products. If you have been denied by a traditional loan institution due to bad credit Tarpa can help you adjust your credit. Our credit repair services will allow you to achieve your financial goals through increased financial access . We are here to help!

A great credit score is imperative for businesses as well. It allows them to have access to financing, whether for the expansion of the business, the execution of a specific project/ product, or even the introduction of a new service.
A bad credit score can damage businesses and prevent them from having access to a good line of credit from any traditional financial institution. Tarpa Corp is here to assist in creating the perfect credit score for your business.

Most, if not all traditional financial institutions typically review your credit history as the first step in determining whether to issue you credit.
Credit is the ability to borrow money or access goods or services with the understanding that you will pay later. By having access to money and other resources with the option to pay later, an individual can use our credit repair services to build wealth.


Having good credit does not only allow you the opportunity to get credit from any financial institution. It also places you in a position to  negotiate your own terms. A person with a good to excellent credit score can negotiate terms in their credit agreement where they have a high possibility to bargain a better interest rate as well as more pay back time with fewer monthly installments on their account.

Good credit also omits the additional security that will be placed on an individual’s account by some financial institutions. With this type of security, customers are asked to commit to compulsory saving as a part of the loan agreement.