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Frequently Asked Questions


Tarpa Corp currently only offer loans that covers 80-100% of the program fee.

The guarantor must be making at least $50,000 JMD per month to be considered. The guarantor is required to submit two passport size photographs signed and stamped by a JP, three most recent payslips along with a job letter from his/her place of employment.

Once the loan is granted to you, the guarantor would be required to start repayment thirty (30) days after. Then they would be granted one year to complete repayment of the loan.

The guarantor would take out the loan on the student’s behalf and a monthly salary deduction would be taken from the guarantor’s account.

Once all the documents have been submitted and a background checks have been conducted on the guarantor’s credit history, if approved, a direct deposit would be sent to your guarantor’s bank account or a cheque in your guarantor’s name.

The guarantor stands security for the loan and allows us to make funds readily available to you.

Yes. Once your previous loan has been paid off in FULL then you are eligible to be granted a loan.

Each student can have two guarantors depending on the amount being borrowed. Terms and Conditions apply*

J1 Loans

No; You can register before applying to a work and travel agency. However, registering and being granted a job from a local agency is one of the requirements to be a successful candidate for a loan.

No; Tarpa Corp Limited only offers loans to full-time registered students that are qualified for the work and travel program.

Education Loans

Tarpa Corp’s education loan grants you the opportunity to cover all necessary fees as it relates to your studies while enrolled on a year to year basis in your tertiary institution. Our education loan covers fees such as auxiliary, tuition, boarding fees, etc.

To be eligible for an education loan at Tarpa Corp Ltd. one must first present an acceptance letter to a tertiary institution or an updated transcript of the previous school year.

After the loan has been granted, payments should be begin one month prior to the disbursement date.

Yes. A minimum of 2.0 GPA is required to be granted a loan. Students are advised and encouraged to keep their GPA at or above 2.0 to be eligible to continue a loan process or to be granted a loan in the first place.

If you should choose to discontinue your studies, your guarantor would still be required to fulfil their responsibility to the loan.

Any individual that is gainfully employed for a minimum of 2 years.

It is advised that you start the application process within adequate time before the new school year begins.