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This loan will allow customers to receive a line of credit of 50,000 to 250,000 JMD, from Tarpa Corp Ltd.  Tertiary students participating in the J1 Cultural Exchange program can use this money to pay their program, visa and travel fees. They will also be able to cover any other associated fees depending on the J1 company that they are registered with.


The Canadian Work Experience and Training Program is a cultural exchange program offered by our partner TennK Consultancy. They provide the opportunity for individuals to live and study in Canada. We provide a loan that is specifically designed for this program. Potential qualified clients can be approved for up to $700,000 JMD.


A line of credit will be offered to clients to indulge in the Canadian work program. With this loan, approved customers can access financing up to $500,000 Jamaican dollars. This should be enough to take care of program fees, visa fees as well as travel and other associated fees that are attached to this program.


This is a line of credit that qualified and approved customers are given to achieve personal financial goals. A minimum of $50,00JMD to a maximum of $250,000JMD is allocated to this specific loan. Please visit the FAQ section for frequently asked questions about this loan.


This is a special loan that has been curated for individuals who are a part of our family through our membership program. Tarpa offers a special staff loan to its members who are employed by specific companies that we have partnered with in Jamaica. You may be qualified for a minimum of $50,000JMD to a maximum of $250,000JMD. If you are employed locally and have some financial goals set for the near future, then this loan is for you.  Apply today!


The Founders of Tarpa Corp Ltd were all tertiary students who know first hand, the financial difficulties associated with the tertiary journey. Here at Tarpa Corp, we want to help you go through university or college a lot smoother. We have allocated a minimum of 50,000JMD to a maximum of $250,000JMD to help alleviate some of the financial burden  during your university/college tenure.

If you are a tertiary student in need of a financial boost, apply for our Education Loan today! This loan can help cover tuition, boarding, auxiliary fees and any other fee associated with your educational journey.