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How it works?

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Step One:

Complete an application form on our website

Choose the type of loan you are interested in/ best suits your needs then fill out the application form with the necessary information. You will be required to use a guarantor as a security holder on your behalf. *Depending on your loan type*
Select preferred appointment date (This is the date you would wish to submit your documents via our online portal)
You will receive an automated email after successfully submitting your application with all the required documents to be used as a future guide.

After this step process is completed, ensure to recheck all information logged and that it is true and to the best of your knowledge. You would then advance to…

Step Two:

Document Submission

Where you would be expected to submit your documents via our online portal such as; personal information i.e., two forms of I.D. (passport and any other form of I.D.), ONE passport size photograph, T.R.N., School I.D. (ALL PHOTOCOPIED) as well as payment verification of processing & registration fee. Or documents specific to your loan type. Once ALL documents have been submitted and verified by our customer representative, you would be given ALL additional documents to be filled out by your security holder and Guarantor. *May vary if you are the principal of the loan.

Step Three:


You would then submit all additional documents via our online platform & once ALL are verified by our Customer Service Representative, you will then be one step away from achieving your goal/s through being our valued customer with our EASY & SEAMLESS Loan approvals.

Tarpa is the right choice for you if:

You Are A Registered Student

You must be a registered student in a tertiary institution to be eligible for a J1/Education loan.

You or Your Guarantors are Permanently Employed

Both the security holder and guarantor must be permanently employed in Jamaica for at least one year.

You have a Bank Account

You need an active commercial bank account to allow the money to be transferred to you.


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You are honest and trustworthy

You definitely have to be a nice person 🙂

You have a valid address

Must be a current resident of the island of Jamaica.

Your guarantor MUST have a regular income

Your guarantor must have an income every month whether it be through benefits or a job.